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Effective communication is important for the general well-being of people with disabilities. It allows them to lead independent lives by effectively expressing themselves. It allows them to interact socially and make meaningful engagements. Through language, AHP can ensure you live the best possible life no matter what disability you live with.


We make use of contemporary and evidence-based procedures to offer specialist assessment and support for people with disabilities so that they overcome challenges associated with speech and communication.

All our clinicians are licensed speech pathologists by Speech Pathology Australia and will leverage their expertise in assessing the participant’s communication. This assessment is then used to design a completely tailored therapy plan that will enable the participant to achieve the best possible outcomes for his speech and language development.

Depending on the participant’s situation, our speech therapy sessions can be conducted in centres or clinics, or the designated speech therapist can travel to see a participant in his residence or community.

Our clinicians value a team-based approach, and will work collaboratively with every those living with disability, their family members, friends, and other allied health teams to ensure that he receives a holistic support plan that meets his specified needs.

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