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Eat Right, Live Strong!

Having a nutritious meal is vital for healthy living, and most especially so for people living with disabilities as they often experience eating disorders that adversely affect their body and general well-being. This makes dietetic support and meal planning for those with disability absolutely essential.

Here at AHP, our dieticians are registered providers under the NDIS, with accreditations in dietetics and nutrition. They leverage their knowledge and expertise to offer a variety of dietetics services for people living with disabilities such as autism, down syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, and including those with intricate disability nutrition needs.

Our services can be carefully tailored to meet the level of your budget and nutritional needs. As friendly dieticians, we work actively with every disabled person to clearly ascertain their precise nutritional and disability requirements so as to help facilitate better nutrition outcomes.

Our dietetic services are available to people of all ages with a range of disabilities and challenges including:

  • Empowering disabled children and adults with the knowledge they need to better manage their health

  • Nutrition education on planning and preparation of appetising and nutritious meals

  • Practical resources and methods to assist with eating, feeding and cooking

  • Nutrition education and guidance around treating a range of health conditions

  • Creating enjoyable meals while working around allergies and intolerances

  • Managing appetite and weight loss

  • Guidance on fixing suitable meals including how to choose suitable foods from vendors

Email: admin@ahpdisability.com.au

Phone: 02 8889 4072

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