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Take the Step towards Better Foot Care

Having a healthy foot is central to the general well-being of people living with disabilities. When taken for granted, problems on the feet can limit people’s ability to function. Many disabled participants cannot reach, see or feel their feet and the inability to handle routine feet care can result in severe health conditions.

Here at AHP, we have a team of expert podiatrists to sustain good foot health by recommending treatment plans and routine foot care methods to treat a range of conditions from athlete’s foot, calluses and bunions to more complex concerns. As podiatry specialists, we conduct a thorough assessment of the patient and prescribe devices to address his foot and leg problem.

We focus on the patient’s disability condition to deliver suitable engagement times and make the most of our foot treatment plans.

Our podiatric services are available to disabled participants of all ages and conditions and cover:

  1. Treatment plans for pathological nails of disabled participants who are at high risk of developing complications if left untreated

  2. Recommendation of preformed or customised orthoses (insoles)

  3. Specialist footwear advice, assessment and recommendations

  4. Assessment of neurological and vascular conditions

  5. Biomechanical assessment for paediatric and adult participants including gait analysis, joint and muscle testing

Email: admin@ahpdisability.com.au

Phone: 02 8889 4072

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