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Occupational Therapist

Promoting Independence with Therapy


Occupational therapists, often referred to as OTs, specialise in helping people with cognitive or physical disabilities to live as independently as possible in all areas of their lives. Here at AHP, our NDIS registered OTs act in advisory or consultative roles to manage and modify the daily activities of disabled people so as to promote independence and self-care. They work closely with participants to design a treatment plan and make recommendations to safely accomplish their individual objectives by identifying factors that may negatively affect their daily routine.

The aim of our occupational therapy services is to ensure that disabled people successfully adapt to changes in their everyday lives and safely overcome practical problems in their condition. Our occupational therapists have the expert knowledge needed to achieve this and will work collaboratively with the participant to learn about the individual and home tasks they find very difficult to accomplish. They will then ultimately prescribe ways to help the participant accomplish these tasks in a safer, easier and timely manner. This facilitates a feeling of accomplishment, thereby enhancing self-confidence.

AHP’s occupational therapists assist disabled people with personalised evaluations and recommendations in practical tasks and daily activities, including:

  • Recommending modifications to the participant’s home

  • Assessment of disability equipment needs

  • Workplace adaptations

  • Paediatric services

  • Rehabilitation and more

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Phone: 02 8889 4072

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