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Physiotherapy treatment for people living with disability is very crucial, as it helps to promote healing by restoring their functional abilities and reducing further contractures. Physios are specialists that utilise their practical skills in treating a wide range of conditions associated with physical health and mobility in a variety of situations.

Here at AHP, our highly experienced physiotherapists provide services under the NDIS in various areas such as the management of neurological and musculoskeletal conditions, rehabilitative conditioning, ageing conditions, gender specific conditions and more.

As expert physiotherapists, everything we do is directed in assisting every person with a disability to participate efficiently in daily activities for a quality lifestyle, such as getting out of bed, fixing a favourite meal, having a good bath, getting dressed and more.

Our physiotherapists are here to ensure that participants realise their full potential and get the best possible outcome from your care. If you’re recuperating from an injury or need help treating an ongoing disability, we are always ready to help in providing support to achieve your goals.

Our physio advice and assessment services include:

  1. Strength and mobility support and assessment

  2. Exercise tolerance for weight loss

  3. Understanding and support of your daily activities (eating, bathing and more)

  4. Alleviate pain and chronic conditions

  5. Care on how to use supportive equipment such as wheelchairs, orthotic devices, walking frames or other adaptive equipment.

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